Dear 18 Year Old Self

For a couple of weeks now I’ve been ready to write another blog post, but for some reason I’ve been struggling slightly with what I want to write about (you could say writers block, even if I’m not a writer per-say) until I came across this question. If you could write a letter to your 18 year old self, what would you say?

Well, here goes:

Firstly, you’ve finally finished sixth-form; something that seemed would never end at the dreaded 9.00am Monday morning double Sociology class with Mr Sykes. Wow could he talk (from what I can remember, he stopped waking me up after a while).  You’re also going to spend the most amazing 3 months of summer with your best friends before you whisk yourself off to start University in a completely different city, cherish your summer because soon everything changes…

The first day of University is here, the new chapter in your life is about to begin. My advice, don’t be shy I know it’s hard for you to be in a new place (seen as you are such a home bird) but the people you are going to meet here are going to be some of the best people you will ever meet. Stay at Uni on the weekends, don’t go home it will only hinder the real experience, stay and make new friends. Enjoy that life! In a matter of 2 years you will miss it.

Now this is a big one: You are allowed to make mistakes; nonetheless, you will make mistakes, but for god sake, take chances. I know that attitude you have right now. That, “I’ll do whatever it takes to get anywhere,” attitude. I know you think that is a legit feeling you have right now ‘untouchable’ but sweet cheeks, you aren’t. Life happens to everyone, you will go through heartbreaks in more ways than one. You are going to experience loss so great you’re going to lose your sense of self. But you’re going to be strong (you are stronger than you ever thought you were) and you know those people you were scared to meet on your first few days? Well they are going to be the people you will lean on the most.

You’re going to miss your friends from home, but they are always there, no matter what they are your original squad. But you’re allowed to make those new friendships; I know you will meet some friends for life.

Fast forward 2 years, now this is the worst part, remember that sicky feeling you had on your first day at University? It comes again, but this time it’s because you’re leaving. Those friends you’ve met and bonded with (probably closer too than some of your family) you’re going to have to leave. Not having that structure of education anymore and actually coming to the realisation that you have to now (ADULT). Don’t worry we haven’t got that 100% down yet so that may have to come in the next letter.

P.S – Go to class, honestly, third year will kill you. (You don’t get a 2:1 without having to work your butt off; I can tell you that from experience)

P.P.S – The next few years will have many ups and downs, but they will mold and shape you into the remarkable woman you will become. You will spend many nights spent driving around you hometown with friends, eating McFlurries and complaining about ‘boys’ (the only thing that will change is instead of driving around your hometown, it turns into Facetimes and phone calls complaining about boys (I’ll let life show you why).

Yours Truly: Your 21 (22 in 12 days) year old self.




2 thoughts on “Dear 18 Year Old Self

  1. I absolutely loved this! It really shows how big some moments are when you are living them, but can seem so small when you look back on them! I also found the bit about mr Sykes funny, as it could’ve applied to me ^^ Thank you for sharing this letter! Kissesx


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